"Work is increasingly mobile,
complex and cross-organizational. Work
software needs to facilitate this new reality."

Babak Sardary CEO, Co-founder of Scoop Robotix

Powerful trends are transforming the workplace
we developed Scoop to help companies turn these into a competitive advantage.

Mass Retirement

12,000 baby-boomers are retiring every day. A wealth of know-how is going out the door. Companies need ways to tap into this valuable resource.

Complex Work

Operations produce volumes of data beyond human capacity to process. The nature of work itself is increasingly complex and technical. Companies need software that lets them combine automation / AI with human judgement in a seamless system.

Changing Work Preferences

Attitudes toward work are changing. Many prefer taking on projects or gigs over the traditional 9-5 job. This has given rise to the enterprise gig economy. More than 50% of the workforce is expected to be freelancers and contractors by 2020.

Complex Marketplace

A by-product of work complexity and geographic distribution is the companies' need to collaborate up, down and side-ways in the value chain. The same companies can often be partners and competitors simultaneously. Work software needs to facilitate collaboration in this complex supply chain.

The Pandemic Effect

The pandemic will not last forever but it has already resulted in seismic shifts in the workplace. Companies have learned the viability and necessity of remote work readiness. A new breed of software is now needed to facilitate this new workplace & workforce - distributed, mobile, self-sufficient.

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