Scoop is Intelligent
Employee Driven Work
Process Automation Platform

HINT Scoop was inspired by our founders direct field experience

Robotic Process Automation
define rules to automate workflows

  • Disconnects in even small process steps can have an outsized impact on your organization's performance.
  • Scoop apps allow your experts to define automated workflow actions.
  • Workflow and actions ensure the dots connect across your processes.
  • The right people are notified and assigned to carry out the next task without the need for continuous oversight.

Maximize Value of Human Assets
with AivaTM virtual assistant

  • Human attention and judgement is an invaluable resource especially as you grow and scale.
  • Powered by deep learning, AivaTM is an integrated intelligent agent that automates data analysis within the Scoop platform.
  • AivaTM can be directed to look for patterns, content or quality of images and take appropriate action.
  • AivaTM lightens your review and oversight workload so you and your team can focus on value-add, judgement-intensive tasks.

Empower Your Leaders
with employee driven apps.

  • Scoop brings the power of app creation to your managers and domain experts
  • Each app represent the best practice for one of your processes.
  • Drag-and-drop app builder simplifies app creation and editing.
  • Native hosting and publishing speeds response to changing requirements.

Increase Work Speed & Quality
with native mobile guidance

  • Influx of new employees and increasing work complexity means continuous training.
  • Training is best delivered and retained in context to the work.
  • Apps created in Scoop provide instructions and contextual help
  • Embed reference manuals, documents even training videos for access on mobile devices.

Centralize Good Data
fine grained visibility into operations

  • With paper, spreadsheets and office facing tools project and site information get scattered and lost.
  • Scoop makes it a breeze for anyone to collect and share great data, anywhere.
  • Specify exactly the measurement, checks and multimedia you wish personnel to collect.
  • Provide free-form data collection to capture interesting comments and insights.

Speed Up Reporting
with comprehensive data formatting & export

  • Getting good quality, well-structured data is more than half the battle.
  • With your data centralized, time, date and geo-stamped you are on easy street when it comes to reporting.
  • Export data into professional client-facing reports or to analyze further in other platforms.
  • Use the API to fully integrate data flow into other enterprise systems.