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Frequently asked questions

1Why are there different industry websites?
Having separate industry websites and in general dedicated content and in-house expertise allows us to better adjust and communicate the value of our solution to each audience. It also makes it a lot easier for our audience to find the content and answers they are looking for.
2How is the solution priced and sold?
Scoop is offered as a software as a service. Details of pricing and plans are available on individual industry websites and pricing can be further customized for each client's usage levels.
3Does this solution work for businesses other than solar and wind?
Yes, in fact Scoop is a highly configurable platform that can be set up for the needs of a wide range of field or facility-based operations. Scoop is already in use by manufacturing, mining, hvac, government, even staffing agencies.
4How would my team access Scoop?
For field personnel Scoop is available on mobile devices via native iOS and Android apps. These apps continue to operate even without a network connection. For office staff Scoop is available on their desktop via our responsive browser-based app.
5Can I see a demonstration or get a trial?
Yes both are available. Please use the contact form below to reach out to us with your specific requirements and someone from our team will get back to you right away.

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