We are looking for a creative and entrepreneurially minded Email Marketing Manager to join our team. The new team member will initiate and execute various outbound and nurture campaigns while creating processes to automate workflows within HubSpot. There is ample opportunity to support, test, and lead initiatives beyond email as Scoop Robotix rapidly grows across industries and geographies. The ideal candidate is a highly motivated, self‐starting, B2B-focused marketer who has a passion for using email to create meaningful 1:1 consumer experience, individually and at scale.
You are an amazing storyteller and have the ability to craft a compelling pitch. You have been an integral part of executing and leading end-to-end email marketing campaigns, with a deep understanding of email design and copy best practices that drive conversion. With an eye for perfection, you will ensure all email and communications follow industry best practices for deliverability, and are QA'd for spelling, grammar, formatting, and viewability across platforms, including mobile. You thrive on communicating to prospects based on their customer journey and welcome the challenge of driving campaigns that will engage them. You have a deep understanding of customer journey mapping, email marketing strategies, and you're up to date with the latest email automation tools being used. On top of that, you’re hungry to build and implement strategies that will scale growth through channels outside of email to hit revenue goals.
Scoop was created by industry veterans with extensive backgrounds in software engineering, field operations, robotics and artificial intelligence. In their careers, they experienced firsthand the challenges faced by field operation managers and field personnel grappling with office-bound tools that were not designed for today's highly distributed and mobile workforce. With the rapid growth of deskless workforce (Google: 80% of the global workforce is now deskless and mobile) they made it their mission to develop a new approach to work software. Being equally passionate about the future of our planet they decided to focus their efforts where it mattered the most: helping fast-growing renewable energy and green infrastructure companies solve their growing field work challenges and scale faster. Today, Scoop is on a rapid growth trajectory with a commitment to building a world class team who share the same vision and passions.
Our flagship platform Scoop® is a zero-coding mobile work process management & automation platform (mPMA) where clients can configure their own Work Apps and Project Management Templates to facilitate work execution, management and automation. Companies use Scoop to engage their internal and external teams to get more work done and achieve faster growth. Industry leading solar, battery storage and EV charging companies use the Scoop platform to automate and streamline their field work, facilitate real time communication, gather valuable data and provide visual analytic dashboards. Our second platform, GLOO™ is a powerful integration as a service or iPaaS platform with over 500 connectors to a wide array of world class cloud platforms. We use GLOO connectors and integration workflows to automate interactions between Scoop and across our customers' entire ecosystem of technologies.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Marketing, Media, or Business
  • 1-3 years’ experience in executing email & SMS marketing campaigns and workflow automation
  • Excellent ability to write compelling and succinct copy
  • A proven track record with clear examples of successfully managing and implementing email campaigns
  • Familiar with best practices for list segmentation and maintaining clean data hygiene (preferably in HubSpot)
  • Experience with webinar marketing and boosting attendance rates
  • High energy and enjoys working in small teams in a fast-paced environment
  • Bonus: familiarity with the solar and renewable energy industry or similar industrial field-oriented sector
  • Bonus: experience with Google Web Designer or creating HTML5 ads
  • Lead email campaign and sequence development for nurturing top-of-funnel prospects
  • Champion the end-to-end execution of email campaigns from design to implementation and attribution
  • Manage the library of campaign visuals and landing pages. Make text and slight layout adjustments to templated content
  • Continuously optimize campaigns by conducting post-mortem analyses for email, paid, and other marketing initiatives and identifying new opportunities to try
  • Drive the development of and continuous improvement of email automation tools and infrastructure by ensuring effective email deliverability as we continue to grow the prospect database
  • Gather research, data, and documents required for go-to-market strategy planning for expanding into new industries and geographies
  • Quarterback webinars by managing event logistics, maintaining a high attendance rate, and communicating with registrants
  • Maintain the customer database that allows the team to easily identify leads for specific campaigns in HubSpot through list and audience segmentation
  • Continuously support the marketing team on experimenting and launching new initiatives
  • Passionate entrepreneurial driven team with a clear mission.
  • A work environment that values you individually and your contribution as a team member.
  • The opportunity to be a part of a growing world-class team pushing the limits of technology, renewables and business strategy.
  • A culture and management style rooted in transparency, empathy, personal responsibility and team accountability.
  • Space to be creative, experiment and innovate.
  • Significant career growth and advancement opportunities as the team grows.
  • Trusted Advisors to our Customers
  • Technology Innovation with Effective Design
  • Good Design Matters
  • Quality, Quality, Quality
  • Don't Settle, Do Better
  • Detail & Process Focused
  • Quiet Strength
Our mission is to help new energy and green infrastructure companies become as healthy, efficient and profitable as possible. On a personal level we believe this is our best chance to have a meaningful impact on battling climate change - the most serious challenge of our generation.
  • Fastest Growing Industries: Scoop Robotix is at the intersection of highly coveted and rapidly growing industries namely intelligent process/workflow automation & renewables / sustainability. Gaining experience in these fields will be hugely valuable in terms of setting the right career trajectory and in relation to the future of the job market.
  • Sweetspot of Growth: Scoop is at that very attractive sweetspot whereby it has fully confirmed product-market fit but is at the beginning of the path to significantly grow the team. As such for the next 5-10 team members that will be joining the team and who have a leader mindset, this presents the most fertile ground floor opportunity for growth.
  • Global Mission: Scoop mission "powering the renewable energy / sustainable infrastructure workforce" is global and cross-industry. As such there is no limit to the depth and breadth of capabilities that we can build which translates to many interesting, exciting technical and business problems to solve with a variety of cutting edge technologies over time.
  • Deep Technology: Our founders proven industrial background is in developing valuable IP in the robotics, automation and intelligent algorithms to solve real world problems. Working at Scoop provides a front-row seat to building cutting edge technical and business solutions and the bragging rights that go with that.
  • Significant Career Upside: We believe strongly in early leader employees participating in the long term upside of the business. We provide this opportunity through granting of stock options and other financial performance bonuses.
  • Making an Impact: Last but definitely not the least, when you write a line of code or onboard a new customer or create a marketing campaign at Scoop Robotix you know it's not just a job but a mission that is making a positive impact in the world and this is what keeps us all energized and engaged!